SIG Date and Time Place
Dev Tools Mondays 5:30-6:30pm Naka 222
Machine Learning Mondays 6:30-7:30pm iTap
Swift Tuesdays 5-6pm RJI Building 042
Interview Prep Wednesdays 5:30-6:30pm Naka 222
Cyber Security Thursdays 5-6pm Naka 222
Algorithm Fight Club Thursdays 6-7pm Lafferre C2205

Please pay attention to the SIG channels, as the above information may change on occasion!!

Dev Tools

    Meeting tonight at 5:30 at Naka 222! We'll be going over some Git basics and talking a little bit about Github as well.

    Mon September 17, 2018
    09:04 PM

    Welcome to the DevTools SIG! We'll be having our first meeting tonight at 5:30pm at Naka 222. In our first meeting, we'll be talking about command line basics, SSH, and other useful tips and tricks. Bring your laptops if you can and try to have access to a UNIX shell (Linux, Mac, Windows Subsystem for Linux, or SSH to tc.rnet). I'll look forward to seeing everyone tonight!

    Mon September 10, 2018
    02:15 PM

Cyber Security SIG

    during the beginning of our SIG meeting today, I will be giving a quick tutorial of hashcat. If you guys want to follow along make sure that you have it installed. I can't remember if Kali comes with hashcat so check by typing `which hashcat` in a terminal. If nothing pops up, you can download the binaries from the website here (

    Thu September 20, 2018
    07:48 PM

    Hey everyone! Tomorrow at 5PM in Naka 222, we’ll be doing a demonstration on cracking wifi passwords with aircrack and hashcat. There will be a live demo, but due to the hardware required it may be difficult for you to follow along in your kali VM. Hope to see everyone there!

    Thu September 20, 2018
    05:35 AM

    Hey everybody! Today at 5pm, in Naka 222, we will be going over reconnaissance techniques. I will give an overview of two tools called Shodan and Greyhatwarfare, and have you guys poke around with them, so bring your laptops!

    Thu September 13, 2018
    03:27 PM

    Hey everyone! Our first meeting is going to be tomorrow at 5pm in Naka Hall 222. This is going to be a very interactive session where we will give an overview of several tools, so if you want to participate you need to get Kali Linux running on a Virtual Machine on your computer. To get a Kali VM on your computer, first you need some sort of virtualization software. I use VirtualBox and would recommend it, but VMware is another good software. Download and install either ( hosts prebuildt images of the OS for both VMware and VirtualBox. Downloading these and opening them in the Virtualization software you installed is faster and easier than a custom install via their iso files. However, if you want to customize the install or are using a virtualization software other than the aforementioned, you will want to download the appropriate iso. All Kali downloads can be found ( you have any questions or issues feel free to reach out to me or Joe Chandler (<@U0KQNTXLJ>)

    Wed September 5, 2018
    07:17 PM

    Reminder: On September 1st, MCA is providing transportation to BSidesSTL. This is a FREE entry security conference that runs from 8am to 6pm, containing several talks/workshops, as well as a CTF challenge event. If you would like to attend, please sign up for a ticket and let me know so I don't leave you behind. If you sign up to attend and later plans change in which you can no longer make it, you ALSO need to let me know. All information can be found on the website here: ( Also, I am creating a channel <#CCG1FGCSX|bsidesstl2018> which we will use for updates/communication so join that if you are attending

    Mon August 27, 2018
    08:40 PM

Algorithm Fight Club

    Meeting again tonight C2205 6:00pm. We're gonna be doing some problems again today but this time in groups! Got some fun problems lined up so definitely try to make it out

    Thu September 20, 2018
    06:10 PM

    Meeting tonight at 6:00 in C2205 again. We're actually gonna split up today. I will be covering a problem today from HackerRank that I thought was super interesting and will hopefully help people pick up on some of the thought processes of algorithm development. I will be working through it on the whiteboard and will have you guys get involved with possible ideas. I also have picked 3 harder problems for whoever wants to tackle those and it will be set up similar to last week. Hope to see everyone there!

    Thu September 13, 2018
    05:42 PM

Interview Prep SIG

    our meeting tomorrow is at 5:30 in Naka 222. If there are any changes I’ll post them here. The chapter I’ll briefly cover tomorrow is linked lists, but we can work on whatever anybody wants

    Wed September 19, 2018
    01:41 AM

    hi everyone! Just a quick reminder that our meeting tomorrow is at 5:30 in Naka 222. We’ll start by looking at questions involving arrays and strings. If there are any issues or room changes, I’ll post them all here.

    Wed September 12, 2018
    12:22 AM

    hi guys! Just a quick reminder, the sig meeting is not in naka today. Instead, it’s at 6pm in Lafferre C2205 in the form of a whiteboard. This is going to be the basic intro to what to expect from interviews, how to prepare for them, and how to get them. All are welcome!

    Wed September 5, 2018
    08:24 PM

Machine Learning SIG

    Mon September 17, 2018
    05:16 PM

    Due to the large turnout (which is awesome!) we are going to hold off on having meetings to iTap and continue having them in *C2205 at 6:30 on Mondays*. Around 7:45 after the meeting a few people may go to iTap for a bit for anyone who is interested

    Wed September 12, 2018
    12:17 AM

    Mon September 10, 2018
    08:56 PM

    Welcome to the machine learning SIG! Our first meeting will be monday in C2205 at 6:30. We will talk about how the SIG will be structured and I will give a talk about the basics of machine learning. Please send me your height in inches, shirt size, and favorite color (either red green and black).

    Fri September 7, 2018
    03:57 PM

Swift SIG

    Swift SIG Meeting tomorrow! Come for intro to iOS development (bring a mac), and discussion about the rumors for the Apple event on Wednesday!

    Tue September 11, 2018
    12:43 AM