Game Dev SIG

    hey everyone just a reminder we are done for the year. It was all fun hanging out this semester. Good luck on your finals.

    Tue April 25, 2017
    02:49 PM

    come to gamedev!

    Tue April 18, 2017
    11:45 PM

    hey I won't be able to go tonight, but still feel free to show up!

    Tue April 4, 2017
    08:41 PM

    Just a reminder, we have game dev tonight at 7!

    Tue March 21, 2017
    11:12 PM

Machine Learning SIG

    Reminder: We will *NOT* be having a meeting tomorrow. We meet biweekly and our next meeting will be Sept. 19

    Mon September 11, 2017
    08:31 PM

    the meeting will take place tonight *7pm-8:30pm* at *Lafferre Hall C2205* and every other Tue night. Looking forward to see you there!

    Tue September 5, 2017
    05:30 PM

Cyber Security SIG

    I made a typo in my last message. Cyber Security SIG is at 6:00pm, not 7:00pm. Sorry about that

    Mon September 18, 2017
    04:41 PM

    Hey everyone! The subject of next meeting is going to be password hashing. Hashing is often referenced as a "one way function", but what does that mean, and how is it possible? We will go over what a hash is, and discuss how it's computed. Because hashing is often used for passwords, I will also be covering how hashes are stolen using SQL Injection, and how an attacker might go about cracking the hash to get an account's password. Hope to see you all in EBW 116 at 7:00pm this Monday!

    Sun September 17, 2017
    12:21 AM

    You may have gotten this email as well, but I thought I'd let everyone in here know that the NSA is coming to talk at Mizzou on September 15, this Friday. Jon Rolf, a Mizzou alumni, is the senior technical lead for industry and academic engagement for the National Security Agency. He will be holding an information session from 1:00 to 2:30pm in W1004 Lafferre Hall to discuss career opportunities with the NSA. After this, he will have office hours from 3:00 to 4:30 to meet individually with anyone interested, in 15 minute sessions. The individual meetings will be in W1025 Lafferre Hall. Email Rolf at to make an appointment for his office hours.

    Tue September 12, 2017
    05:43 PM

    Just a heads up, Cyber Security SIG is going to be held in EBW room 116 today, same time at 6pm

    Mon September 11, 2017
    10:17 PM

    Just a reminder that our first meeting will be tomorrow at 6pm in 222 EBW! I will be discussing Botnets, what they do, how they work, and how to combat them. Just FYI, the room will most likely be 222 EBW but I'm getting the key for it tomorrow. If for some reason I can't get access to 222 I'll reserve a room in Lafferre and update you all on the new location. Hope to see you all there!

    Mon September 11, 2017
    03:14 AM

Swift SIG

    we'll be meeting tonight at 5, same place. I'll be reviewing everything from last time and will probably move on to start covering table views

    Thu September 14, 2017
    01:47 PM

    So is there still interest in an introduction/crash course session some time?

    Tue September 5, 2017
    08:18 PM

Interview Prep SIG

    hey everyone, our meeting tomorrow will be at 6pm instead of 7 in Naka 222 (same room).

    Tue September 19, 2017
    01:52 AM

    meeting tonight in the same place as last week in ebw(nakka) 222 on internship interviews at 7

    Tue September 12, 2017
    08:31 PM

    dont forget we have a meeting today at 7 in ebw 222, realize we moved from laf c2205 to ebw 222

    Tue September 5, 2017
    09:27 PM

Algorithm Fight Club

    Tonight is our last meeting of the semester, hope to see you there. 7pm, Room 2205

    Mon May 1, 2017
    09:14 PM

    Meeting tonight at 7pm. We will meet in the same room but will consider moving to a different classroom.

    Mon April 24, 2017
    08:53 PM

    We have a meeting at 7pm in Laferre 2205.

    Mon April 17, 2017
    03:46 PM


    Hey guys just wanted to remind you we're having our second meeting tonight at 6 in C1205, same place as last week. We'll be putting you in groups and doing some pretty cool stuff (there might be candy :smirk:)

    Mon September 18, 2017
    05:09 PM

    Hey coders! For those of you who don't know C.O.D.E. stands for Creating Outstanding Developer Experiences. Our goal is to enhance your coding and team building skills by placing you into small groups and having you create and design your own project. Ideally this prepares you for capstone group projects, hackathons, internships, and so much more. Please join us for our first meeting Monday at 6pm, c1205 Lafferre

    Thu September 7, 2017
    10:08 PM

Android SIG

    Hey everyone! We are going to have our first SIG meeting this Thursday at 6pm in Naka 222! Our first few meetings will be getting everyone set up to do Android development so make sure you bring a laptop. We'll code along as a group so after a few weeks everyone has a working Android app to put in a portfolio and show potential employers! If anyone has any cool ideas for an app they would like to develop, remember them and bring them to the meeting because we will decide as a group what project we would like to take on! Hope to see you all there!

    Tue September 12, 2017
    03:37 PM