Machine Learning SIG

    Again, *NO meeting* today. Happy Halloween!

    Tue October 31, 2017
    08:42 PM

    Tomorrow evening's session is *canceled*. Justin and I have to cover for some other priorities respectively. We'll see you next time, which potentially can be a coding session.

    Mon October 30, 2017
    04:32 PM

    There will be meeting today at 7pm.

    Tue October 17, 2017
    06:39 PM

    Reminder: Today we have meeting at 7pm as usual... coding session. Outline see below. See you there!

    Tue October 3, 2017
    08:37 PM

Game Dev SIG

    we will be meeting at 7pm in Lafferre C1205 tonight.

    Wed October 25, 2017
    05:47 PM

    Game Dev will be meeting tonight at 7pm in Lafferre C1205. There will also be the MCA Town Hall beforehand at 6pm in Lafferre C2205.

    Wed October 18, 2017
    03:14 PM

    Game Dev will be meeting tonight at 7pm in Lafferre C1205. Hope to see a good turnout tonight.

    Wed October 11, 2017
    01:49 PM

    Game Dev will be next door in C1206 tonight. C1205 is full of people.

    Wed September 27, 2017
    11:50 PM

Interview Prep SIG

    meeting tonight at 6 in ebw 222 pizza will be there

    Tue November 28, 2017
    09:29 PM

    If we have a pizza party on Tuesday who will come?

    Sun November 26, 2017
    06:42 PM

    dont forget we meet at 6 in ebw 222, which is questionably occupied, so we might move to the engineering library we'll let you know

    Tue November 14, 2017
    11:55 PM

    hi guys, there’ll be a meeting today at 6pm in 222 naka/ebw

    Tue November 7, 2017
    10:08 PM

    hey everyone, there will not be an interview prep meeting tomorrow. Have a happy Halloween!

    Mon October 30, 2017
    05:32 PM

Android SIG

    hey guys we’ll have the last meeting of the semester tonight at 6 in Naka 222!

    Thu December 7, 2017
    08:38 PM

    Hey guys, no meeting tonight, Weregeles isn’t holding Java, and also there is a web portfolio seminar/competition tonight. We’ll meet next Thursday at 6 for the last meeting of the semester!

    Thu November 30, 2017
    10:51 PM

    Hey guys, 6pm Naka 222!

    Thu November 16, 2017
    09:16 PM

    unfortunately I’m still stuck at the hospital so won’t be able to make it on time, Wergeles is still having Java night in the usual spot so you’re welcome to go hang out there!

    Thu November 9, 2017
    11:22 PM

    scratch that, we won’t meet tonight so anyone who wants to come to the corn maze can!

    Thu November 2, 2017
    09:09 PM


    If you dont take this survey and your team wins, we're donating you gift card. cheers!

    Tue December 5, 2017
    07:42 PM
    Tue December 5, 2017
    07:06 PM

    just a reminder that tonight is our last meeting. You'll have a little time at the beginning for finishing touches before you present your projects. Hope to see everyone there!

    Mon December 4, 2017
    05:41 PM

    today Trevor from the cyber security sig will be coming in to talk about security in applications specifically when it comes to authentication. After that we’ll have time to work on projects. Hope to see everyone there!

    Mon October 30, 2017
    07:16 PM

    I forgot to mention this super cool resource for finding loads of APIs if you're looking for ideas (

    Mon October 9, 2017
    11:15 PM

Algorithm Fight Club

    We are meeting tonight, apparently we will have some sumerian riddles

    Thu December 7, 2017
    10:15 PM

    Hi gang, we have a meeting tonight at 7pm. See you there

    Thu November 30, 2017
    04:54 PM

    We have a meeting tomorrow, 7pm at C2205

    Thu November 9, 2017
    01:38 AM

    meeting tonight at 7p at Laferre C2205, hope it's not raining then.

    Thu October 5, 2017
    05:13 PM

    Thu September 28, 2017
    11:33 PM

Cyber Security SIG

    Reminder! Last meeting of the Semester today in an hour!

    Mon December 4, 2017
    10:16 PM

    Hey guys! For our last meeting of this semester, I'm going to be giving an analysis over password security. Almost everyone in today's world has many different accounts, each of which are secured by passwords. Remembering a lot of passwords is hard to do, so we turn to password reuse, and/or mnemonics to more easily keep track of them all. So, in this presentation, we'll have a look into password tendencies, or the common patterns found in most passwords used today, and why this makes them weak. After that we're going to compare two different solutions to greatly improve password strength without taxing your brain. Hope to see you all for our last meeting this semester!

    Fri December 1, 2017
    10:56 PM

    just a reminder to everyone that I am planning to take down the CTF challenge this coming Monday! If you haven't given it a look and want to, be sure to check it out soon! Also, there will be no meeting this Monday as I won't be back in CoMo until Tuesday this coming week

    Sat November 25, 2017
    07:53 PM

    Alright everyone. It's about time I released that digital CTF challenge I've been working on. The site you should connect to is ( and I will be putting the site up in about an hour (at 10:00pm my time). The site will stay active until Monday, November 27th at midnight, so you guys have all of break to go at it. Sorry it took so long by the way, it was a lot more overhead than I thought and I'd be lying if I said I didn't procrastinate. Good Luck!

    Tue November 21, 2017
    02:53 AM

    there was an issue with our van reservation, but we've sorted it out now. I'm in EBW main lobby in and the van should be here soon.

    Tue November 14, 2017
    09:24 PM

Swift SIG

    Meeting tonight at 5. Continued review of everything so far and probably continuing on to look at collection views.

    Thu October 5, 2017
    06:30 PM

    meeting tonight at 5. We will continue table view and interactivity in an app. May cover collection views and do general review

    Thu September 28, 2017
    07:27 PM