hey everyone just a reminder we are done for the year. It was all fun hanging out this semester. Good luck on your finals.

    Tue April 25, 2017
    02:49 PM

    come to gamedev!

    Tue April 18, 2017
    11:45 PM

    hey I won't be able to go tonight, but still feel free to show up!

    Tue April 4, 2017
    08:41 PM

    Just a reminder, we have game dev tonight at 7!

    Tue March 21, 2017
    11:12 PM

    We will not be having game dev this week. Hopefully I will see you all at the Guilliams/Dale dinner thing tonight at 5:30!

    Tue March 14, 2017
    04:26 PM


    Tonight is our last meeting of the semester, hope to see you there. 7pm, Room 2205

    Mon May 1, 2017
    09:14 PM

    Meeting tonight at 7pm. We will meet in the same room but will consider moving to a different classroom.

    Mon April 24, 2017
    08:53 PM

    We have a meeting at 7pm in Laferre 2205.

    Mon April 17, 2017
    03:46 PM