SIG Date and Time Place
Android Mondays 7-8pm Naka 222
Algorithm Fight Club Thursday 7-8pm Lafferre C2205
Cyber Security Mondays 5-6pm Naka 222
Game Dev Tuesdays 7-8pm Lafferre C1205
Git Tuesdays 5-6pm Naka 222
Interview Prep Tuesdays 6-7pm Naka 222
Intro to Programming Concepts Mondays 6-7pm Lafferre C1205
Machine Learning Tuesdays 8-9pm Naka 116
Swift Thursdays 5-6pm RJI Building 042
UX Design Wednesdays 5-6pm Naka 222
Web Dev Wednesdays 7-8pm RJI Building 042

Please pay attention to the SIG channels, as the above information may change on occasion!!

Interview Prep SIG

    i meant 6, were meeting at 6

    Tue April 24, 2018
    04:09 PM

    we will be meeting tonight at 7 in the usual spot, we will try to get pizza as this will be the last interview sig meeting for the year

    Tue April 24, 2018
    04:04 PM

    we will be meeting tonight at 6 in the usual spot, no lecture just mock interviews

    Tue April 17, 2018
    04:23 PM

    we do have a meeting tonight at 6 in the usual spot

    Tue April 10, 2018
    04:49 PM

Android SIG

    Meeting at 7pm. We'll talk about Android

    Mon April 23, 2018
    10:48 PM

    Meeting today at 7pm in Naka 222! We'll talk about fragments and stuff

    Mon April 9, 2018
    09:38 PM

Swift SIG

UX Design SIG

    Hey all, unfortunately the semester has gotten increasingly busy for me and im going to have to cancel the rest of the meetings this semester. Feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions now or in the future!

    Wed April 18, 2018
    07:02 PM

    No regular meeting tonight. I highly encourage all of you to go to the panel of professors in Ketchum at 6pm! I’ll be there instead tonight if anyone wants to hangout/talk.

    Wed April 11, 2018
    06:09 PM

Game Dev SIG

    Meeting tonight at 7pm in Lafferre C1205

    Tue April 10, 2018
    11:21 PM


Cyber Security SIG

    For the last meeting of the semester, I will be giving a presentation on various career paths you can take with Cybersecurity. We'll look at the job titles, responsibilities, and average salaries of each. As always, meeting is tomorrow at 5pm in 222 Naka Hall!

    Mon April 30, 2018
    01:52 AM

    unfortunately there will not be a meeting this week. Assignments and exams have eaten up too much of my time yet again. But for this week I have a challenge for you: Send me the password to Bandit 26. Don't know what that means? Figure it out. Hopefully I'll see you all next week, and you'll have this string for me!

    Mon April 23, 2018
    06:22 PM

    This is short notice, and I'm still getting information on if we can make this a trip or not, but would anyone here be interested in going to the BSidesKC conference this Friday/Saturday? The picture has most of the details

    Wed April 18, 2018
    06:02 PM

    I'm going to have to cancel the SIG meeting today. Sorry guys, I've just been too busy with assignments and upcoming tests to create a presentation. I'll see you all next week

    Mon April 16, 2018
    05:20 PM

    Cybersecurity SIG meeting starts in half an hour! Be there or be square!

    Mon April 9, 2018
    09:35 PM

Machine Learning SIG

Algorithm Fight Club

    We will have our last meeting at 7pm at C2205 tomorrow. It will be my last time leading this SIG here, so we'll just hang out and talk about whatever comes up

    Thu May 3, 2018
    12:02 AM

    we will be meeting at 7pm at C2205. This will be our second to last meeting. It will be pretty laid back and we will just talk about a few riddles

    Thu April 26, 2018
    06:45 PM

    we will be meeting tomorrow at 7pm at C2205. We will be playing 'new' games/puzzles that are actually twists of games/puzzles we already know and how to design them

    Wed April 18, 2018
    11:14 PM

    Meeting tonight at 7. Topic TBD

    Thu April 12, 2018
    08:23 PM

Intro to Programming Concepts SIG

Web Dev SIG