SIG Date and Time Place
Dev Tools Mondays 5:30-6:30pm Naka 222
Machine Learning Mondays 6:30-7:30pm iTap
Swift Tuesdays 5-6pm RJI Building 042
Interview Prep Wednesdays 5:30-6:30pm Naka 222
Cyber Security Thursdays 5-6pm Naka 222
Algorithm Fight Club Thursdays 6-7pm Lafferre C2205

Please pay attention to the SIG channels, as the above information may change on occasion!!

Machine Learning SIG

    Mon October 8, 2018
    08:02 PM

    This week’s meeting will be moved from Monday to Wednesday during whiteboard, where I’ll give an intro talk on neural networks! So *NO MEETING TOMORROW NIGHT*. See you Wednesday

    Sun September 30, 2018
    10:06 PM

    See everyone tonight!

    Mon September 24, 2018
    08:21 PM

Swift SIG

Dev Tools

    *No meeting tonight!* Sorry for the late announcement.

    Mon October 15, 2018
    06:58 PM

    Meeting tonight at 5:30, Naka 222! We'll be talking about Test Driven Development, Continuous Integration, and how you can use it in your project with Travis CI and GitHub.

    Mon October 8, 2018
    06:57 PM

    Meeting tonight at 5:30 PM, Naka 222! We'll be talking about building and hosting your own website on GitHub using Jekyll, a static site builder.

    Mon October 1, 2018
    03:32 PM

    Meeting tonight at 5:30 PM, Naka 222! We'll be doing more on Git and Github. If you haven't already, consider signing up for the Student Developer Pack: ( . See you all tonight!

    Mon September 24, 2018
    05:23 PM

Interview Prep SIG

    hi guys! Meeting tonight at 5:30 will briefly cover object oriented design principles and then move on to practice problems

    Wed October 17, 2018
    05:55 PM

    reminder: NO meeting tonight

    Wed October 10, 2018
    09:45 PM

    hi guys, tomorrow there will NOT be a regular meeting. I’m still available to practice with if you guys want, but only if you reach out to me on slack. Otherwise, naka 222 will be empty

    Tue October 9, 2018
    05:39 PM

    Hi everybody! Today we'll cover Trees and Graphs. These questions are generally aimed at full-time applicants, but if you're trying to get an internship at a big company like Google, Microsoft, or Amazon, this will be a valuable lesson. 5:30 Naka 222

    Wed October 3, 2018
    03:30 PM

    hi guys, tonight at 5:30 we’ll be covering stacks and queues. Naka 222

    Wed September 26, 2018
    02:51 PM

Cyber Security SIG

    reminder: meeting at Naka 222 in 30 minutes!

    Thu October 18, 2018
    09:30 PM

    today at 5pm in Naka 222 we will be going over how botnets work. You'll learn the basics concepts of a bot, the difference between C&C and P2P botnets, as well as techniques used to combat them and how to tell if you might be infected. See you all there!

    Thu October 18, 2018
    03:02 PM

    last week we had an overview of Cross Site Scripting, a JavaScript hacking technique. Today we will be doing some hands on challenges to practice and get more familiar with vulnerabilities related to JavaScript. See you all in Naka Hall 222 today at 5pm!

    Thu October 11, 2018
    08:50 PM

    Hey everyone, today in an hour and a half I will be giving a presentation on Cross Site Scripting. This type of attack is arguably one of the most dangerous web vulnerabilities that exist today. If you haven't heard of it I will be covering the basics after which I will dive into more advanced techniques. See you all in Naka Hall 222 at 5pm!

    Thu October 4, 2018
    08:31 PM

    we will be guiding you guys through some challenges today, the entire session will be interactive so bring your laptops! Naka 222 @ 5pm

    Thu September 27, 2018
    06:28 PM

Algorithm Fight Club

    Meeting tonight C2205 6pm. We'll be doing programming problems again. Hope to see you guys there

    Thu October 18, 2018
    10:05 PM

    meeting again tonight C2205 6pm. Gonna be doing puzzles again like last week

    Thu October 4, 2018
    08:46 PM

    Today we’ll be in C1206. It’s one of the mac labs by the cafe. We’ll be doing puzzles and mind trick problems today. Should be fun come by at 6pm

    Thu September 27, 2018
    06:19 PM

    Meeting again tonight C2205 6:00pm. We're gonna be doing some problems again today but this time in groups! Got some fun problems lined up so definitely try to make it out

    Thu September 20, 2018
    06:10 PM