SIG Date and Time Place
Dev Tools Mondays 5:30-6:30pm Naka 222
Machine Learning Mondays 6:30-7:30pm iTap
Swift Tuesdays 5-6pm RJI Building 042
Interview Prep Wednesdays 5:30-6:30pm Naka 222
Cyber Security Thursdays 5-6pm Naka 222
Algorithm Fight Club Thursdays 6-7pm Lafferre C2205

Please pay attention to the SIG channels, as the above information may change on occasion!!

Cyber Security SIG

    there will be no meeting today. Good luck on finals!

    Thu December 6, 2018
    10:00 PM

    I just found an insane deal on humble bundle today. 25 Cybersecurity books for $15. The books normally total over $1000. There are books from nmap to metasploit to a CompTIA Cert guide. (

    Fri November 30, 2018
    03:33 AM

    reminder, SIG meeting in 20 minutes!

    Thu November 29, 2018
    10:39 PM

    today we will be doing an interactive demo on how to sniff traffic on a network. If you don't have Kali download Wireshark onto your machine

    Thu November 29, 2018
    08:26 PM

    no meeting this Thursday, it's Thanksgiving

    Sun November 18, 2018
    08:18 PM

Swift SIG

    Mon October 22, 2018
    04:10 PM

Algorithm Fight Club

    Meeting again today 6pm C2205. We will be doing riddles and puzzles again this week

    Thu October 25, 2018
    05:00 PM

    Meeting tonight C2205 6pm. We'll be doing programming problems again. Hope to see you guys there

    Thu October 18, 2018
    10:05 PM

Dev Tools

    No meeting tonight! Good luck on finals!

    Mon December 3, 2018
    09:19 PM

    *No meeting tonight!*

    Mon November 26, 2018
    09:29 PM

    *No meeting tonight!* Stay warm and good luck on exams!

    Mon November 12, 2018
    06:39 PM

    Meeting tonight at 5:30 PM in Naka 222! We'll be talking about Python and some useful tools to help you with your Python projects.

    Mon November 5, 2018
    08:31 PM

    Meeting at 5:30 PM in Naka 222! We'll be talking about the the internet, VPSs, and how to get your own webserver running.

    Mon October 29, 2018
    09:27 PM

Interview Prep SIG

    so sorry for the late notification guys, but there’s no meeting today. I’ll still be doing it next semester! Have a good break and good luck on finals!

    Wed December 5, 2018
    11:38 PM

    hey everyone, meeting today at 5:30 is just gonna be some mock interviews. Might be the last meeting of the semester!

    Wed November 28, 2018
    06:04 PM

    hey everyone, This Wednesday we’ll be having a pizza party! If you plan on attending, pls add one of the following reactions so i can get a headcount for types of pizza. Also, feel free to bring some food or drinks if you want! :pizza:- pepperoni :hotdog: - sausage :cheese_wedge: - cheese 🥬 - veggie :x: - can’t/won’t be there :(

    Mon November 12, 2018
    04:40 PM

    hi guys! Meeting today at 5:30 in 222 naka. We’ll be covering searching and sorting

    Wed November 7, 2018
    05:57 PM

    Ok since the responses have been favoring keeping the sig, we will do so! Ill see you guys today at 5:30 Naka 222. We'll cover Recursion problems

    Wed October 31, 2018
    07:02 PM

Machine Learning SIG

    We won’t have a meeting tonight, good luck on tests!

    Mon December 3, 2018
    10:06 PM

    see everyone tonight! C2205 @ 6:30 as usual

    Mon November 26, 2018
    06:59 PM

    Weather update: given the continuing snow _(and 3 of the 5 regulars saying they are actually busy tonight )_ NO MEETING TONIGHT! Good luck on midterms

    Mon November 12, 2018
    10:09 PM

    Meeting tonight! We will meet C2205 at 6:30 and _might_ go to itap from there. Paperclips may be involved

    Mon November 5, 2018
    09:55 PM

    Meeting today 6:30 same time and place

    Mon October 29, 2018
    11:10 PM